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ARC-1883-BAT BBM for ARC-1883 family

ARC-1883-BAT BBM for ARC-1883 family
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The ARC-1883-BAT features NAND flash memory and battery technology that work together to save cached data in the event of system power loss. When the module detects loss of power, the battery keeps critical parts of the ARC-1883 RAID controller active to allow data to be copied from the on-board controller cache to the flash memory. Once the data has been copied, the flash memory can store it for years without power. When power is returned to the RAID adapter, the data in the flash memory is copied back to the onboard adapter cache and operation resumes as normal with all outstanding I/O requests intact. A fully-charged BBU can preserve data for up to 72 hours during a power loss before the battery power depletes.
Feature And Management

Flash-based Backup Capacity

The FBM backup capacity is defined as the maximum duration of a power failure for which data in the cache memory can be written into the flash on ARC-1883-BAT. The ARC-1883-BAT can support up to 8GB cache memory that installed on the 12Gb/s SAS RAID controller.


1. There are no manual procedures for FBM conditioning or preconditioning to be performed by the user.
2. No further power is required once the super capacitor is fully charged.

FBM Specifications

Module Dimension (W x H x D):
- with battery: 64.4 x 16.97 x 127 mm
- with supercap: 64.4 x 18.72 x 127 mm
BBM Connector: (1*14) box header
Operating Temperature: 0C to +50C
Typical Life Expectancy: 5 years at 50C
Cache Memory Size Supported: up to 2GB (super capacitor/battery)

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