4 Bay U.2 NVMe Backplane Cage with OCulink Port (SFF-8612)

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Our 2 Bay U.2 NVMe Backplane Cage with OCulink is a rugged and effecient answer to those looking to upgrade to 64Gb/s data transfer rates. Each drive bay uses a dedicated OCuLink (SFF-8612) connector to ensure full potential for data transfer when used with a PCIe 4.0 system. Simply put, our U.2 NVMe Backplane Cage series is an efficient and performance centered enclosure that is an economical option for any application.


  • 4 U.2 NVMe Drive capacity
  • Compatible with PCIe 3.0/4.0
  • EMI and Vibration insulated
  • Removable Drive Tray Design
  • LED status light built in
  • Integrated heat dissipation by design
  • Secured with Triangle Locks
  • Compatible with Areca 1886 Controllers and other TriMode RAID cards


  • 1 X 5.25" Cage For U.2 SSDs
  • 4 U.2 NVMe Drives up to 15mm Height
  • Two Cooling Fans
  • Status LEDs with each drive tray
  • Power: SATA Connector
  • Connector: x4 OCuLink 4i (SFF-8612)
  • Dimensions: 159mm X 146mm X 41.6mm