Areca ARC-8028-32 (32-port 12G Gb/s SAS Expander Module)

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ARC-8028 Features:

  • Flexible 36-port SAS expander module
  • DataBolt™ Bandwidth Optimizer for balance faster hosts and slow SAS or SATA devices
  • Integrated ARM enclosure processor for SAS SMP functions and SES support
  • Supports narrow and wide port configurations
  • Supports SAS and SATA drives simultaneously and compatible with leading SAS & SATA drives, SAS HBAs, and SAS RAID controllers
  • UART interface for system monitoring and debugging support
  • SFF-8485 compliant Serial GPIO (SGPIO) interface on internal SFF-8643 connector
  • Support autonomous chassis management
  • Dual expander module option support
  • LCD Control Panel for easy interactive with module

The ARC-8028 supports DataBolt™ Bandwidth Optimizer to buffer 6Gb/s data and then transfer it out to the host at 12Gb/s speeds in order to match the bandwidth between faster hosts and slower SAS or SATA devices. It also supports failover function for improving system reliability for today’s data center and storage subsystems.

  • 3 x SFF-8644 External SAS Ports
  • 32 x Internal SAS Ports
  • Up to 12Gb/s per port
  • In-band SAS port
  • Out-of-band RS232 serial port
  • CLI through RS232 serial port
  • SFF-8485 compliant Serial GPIO (SGPIO) interface
  • HDD individual activity/fault connector
  • LCD/I²C connector and alarm Buzzer
  • External SAS port LED indicators